Who are you?

The management team consists of Anja the application specialist (physicist, r.), Lorenz the innovator (physicist, m.) and Alexander the business expert (business graduate, l.). They are passionate about bringing ATR IR-spectroscopy into clinics and other exisiting applications.


What is (ATR) infrared spectroscopy?

Infrared spectroscopy uses infrared light (heat radiation) to identify a large number of chemical substances, like fluids, solids or gases. ATR stands for attenuated total reflection and is the method of choice for almost all routine analysis of fluids and solids. The material just has to touch the ATR sample carrier.


Why do you use silicon?

Silicon is cheap in contrast to other ATR materials like diamond. We use silicon because it is the ideal material for mass production. Our innovative ATR Elements are made of standard silicon wafers, which are microstructured by standard processes of the semiconductor industry.


Can I access the fingerprint region?

Yes, you can. The so called fingerprint region is accessible, due to the very short light path inside the element. This reduces the absorption losses of silicon dramatically.


Do you have real data?

Yes, here you see the absorbtion of acetone in water on the signal enhanced sample carrier (red) and on a standard single bounce diamond ATR (gray). We used water as background. We are constantly improving the performance to get the best out of this approach.

acetone in water

Are there crystals without signal enhancement?

There are Elements without the microstructures on the frontside. You can use this single reflection elements for highly absorbing materials. They are even more cost effective. Here you see the absorbtion of pure water on the basic sample carrier (red) and on a standard single bounce diamond ATR (gray).

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    Can I functionalize the ATR crystal?

    Yes, you can. All functionalizations for silicon subtrates can also applied to the ATR sample carrier (e.g. antibodies, gold, etc.) .


    Can use I the ATR crystal for SEIRA?

    The basic ATR crystal is an ideal platform for surface enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy (SEIRA).


    Can I read more about this?

    The basic principle of our innovative sample carrier are based on the publication of Schumacher et al.. We have took them to the next level and improved them by our patent-panding signal enhancement technology.


    How do I use the ATR crystals?

    You need a so called specular reflectance accessory. It has basically two mirrors which guide the IR beam to the silicon ATR element and back to the spectrometer. Please contact us for more detailed information.