Basic ATR Crystal

Versatile and Cost-Effective

Basic ATR Crystal

The basic sample carrier has the same performance as a single bounce diamond crystal and a broad spectral range which also covers the fingerprint region. It has a very high light throughput as the coupling area is large. The short optical path inside the ATR crystal makes the fingerprint region accessible.


The basic ATR crystal covers the full spectral range. Silicon is very hard and suitable for a pH range from 1 to 12. The crystal can have almost any rectangular shape. The graph shows the absorption of water on the basic ATR crystal compared to a standard single reflection diamond ATR crystal.

disposable element

Sample Spectra

FTIR spectrum of olive oil FTIR spectrum of silicone FTIR spectrum of dry bovine serum albumin FTIR spectrum of honey FTIR spectrum of soldering honey FTIR spectrum of ketchup (water background)