Slide Mount ATR Accessory

Universal Tool

Slide Mount ATR Accessory

The slide mount single bounce ATR accessory is perfect for liquids and soft samples. The silicon crystal is very hard and suitable for a pH range from 1 to 12.

slide mount ATR accessory

Spectral Characteristics

The full spectral range starting from 1.1 µm can be accessed. The typical cut-off of silicon is avoided by the very thin ATR crystal. The penetration depth is comparable to a single bounce diamond ATR at 45°.

cut through slide mount ATR accessory

Modular Sampling Plates

The sampling plates are mounted magnetically and can be adappted to any kind of experiement.

ATR modul with sampling plates

Sample Spectra

FTIR spectrum of olive oil FTIR spectrum of silicone FTIR spectrum of dry bovine serum albumin FTIR spectrum of honey FTIR spectrum of soldering honey FTIR spectrum of ketchup (water background)